Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn to Build Your Business

branding byobagency engagement entrepreneur smallbusiness socialmedia Sep 17, 2022

LinkedIn is not just a platform to post your resume on and search for jobs anymore. It is an amazing platform that you can fully utilize to build out your personal brand and business on and to connect with your ideal clients.

LinkedIn allows you to showcase your expertise, skills and abilities, experience, recommendations, and more. It is a hub of connection and networking, a place to truly build relationships.

I am so incredibly passionate about LinkedIn because my husband literally wrote the book on it ... you can get your copy here.

I have watched Scott transform businesses by teaching them the step by step strategies to authentically connect and generate leads (in a NON SPAMMY way) using LinkedIn.

Back by popular demand we will be doing a 5 day workshop "Amateur to Expert on LinkedIn" which starts next Monday! If you'd like to learn more, visit: https://www.thetimetogrow.com/amateurtoexpertonlinkedin

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