Webinar 101

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Webinar 101

This blog post is a culmination of knowledge cramming a few articles into one :-) Webinars are so amazing!!! Here's a bit about why... and how they work!

What is a Webinar? Simply put it is a seminar, conducted over the internet. The program I use, is Webinarjam :-)

Webinar Overview:

*Purpose of Webinars: 

1) Grow Your Email List (people enter emails to sign up)

2) Webinars Convert (email conversion is usually: 2-3%, posts under 1%, webinars when done right can be 30-40%)

3) Build Relationships

4) Make you the expert (answer questions and share knowledge)

5) Grow your brand

6) Interact with your audience (foster a relationship)

7) Re-useable video content! You can do an evergreen webinar to continuously run (money machine), sell the webinar video itself, use it for posts/campaigns, upload to youtube (to build your brand/content).

Webinar Prep:

Goal: 80% share knowledge 20% Selling

1. Define Your Webinar:

-What product are you selling?

2. Target Audience? What Problem do they need solved?

3. Create an Amazing Title that hooks your audience, any additional text, should talk about the outcome they desire (or problem solved).

Webinar Basic Outline:

1) Brief Introduction/Background

2) Your Personal Story (make it relatable) "I have been there..." talk about your audiences problems and frustrations.

3) Tell Your audience what 3-4 things you will be teaching <-- get to this point quickly

4) Present Your Product (ie: online course) and offer (make it limited time, need sense of urgency) (ie: course value at over $1,499, selling for $249, today get it for $179!! don't miss out, expires in 48 hours)

5) Q&A at the end, for people to ask questions

*tips: Prepare a handout or worksheet they can fill out while on webinar to guide them along.

Create great slides, offer value!

During Webinar Tips:

*Get online 10-15 minutes early (have slide up and ready to go)

*Start on time! Hit Record. No Distractions!

* Get to the Point Quickly!

*Create compelling bullet points for webinar!

*Help them achieve a goal!

*Call out comments and people names!

Webinar Times Recommended:

"Wednesday evenings are best"- teachable article

12/4p EST T/W/Th- Lewis Howes 

"Regardless of which time zone your audience is in, there's a sweet spot for a one-hour webinar. From 11 am to 2 pm is statistically that spot. Webinars with these start times have an average 39% attendance rate. I personally average a 47% attendance rate with my webinars in this time range."- webinar ninja

Webinar Communication:

1)*Email Campaign:

Create/build out series of emails.

a) One for Signing up

b) One as a reminder (24 hrs)

c) One as a reminder (1 hr)

d) One after event (with special offer- expiring in 48 hrs)

e) If they don't buy, one requesting feedback!

2) Drive Traffic:

a) Social Media

*Post on your platforms! Make a fun visual!

b) Facebook Ads

*Make sure ads can be shared!

c) Blog Posts

d) Joint Webinar (jumping on another persons)

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