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I was perusing Facebook the other day and I came across a post in one of the Facebook groups I am a part of.

The post was a screenshot of an email sent by someone who they were working for (let's call them boss for now), it was a picture of an email with the subject line in all caps "IT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD". No other feedback was provided, just the signature, no words in the actual email.

This person had to now reach back out and ask for clarification around which elements/details they did not like, did they have examples of what they were looking for? Asking for anything, that would help them to achieve expectations.

The responses in the comments came in droves. People making comments left and right about how they have had similar experiences with people they were working with. My favorite response was from Stephanie Jennings, who wrote "In a word: unprofessional. I think it speaks more to her taste than your work. I keep thinking a reverse Yelp would be helpful to better hold people accountable for how they treat others who are providing services."

What a neat idea I thought! How different might it be if there was a Yelp for business owners who were hiring help. I wonder how different things may be?

In my years of working behind the scenes for others, I have seen horror stories. From clients with no boundaries (calls coming in, in the middle of the night) to treating others awfully and calling them names.

When you are an entrepreneur and you are growing a business, let's be real. It requires A LOT and it requires you to build, grow and stretch your skills as a human. But it doesn't give you permission to be an a**hole.

When you outsource for help, be a kind human and learn the basic fundamentals of leading others.

To help you with this, I am sharing the 10 steps to accountability, which I hang on my bulletin board, right next to my computer for quick view:

1) Right Person, Right Place, Right Time
2) Clear understanding of what is expected
3) Mutually understood consequences
4) Detailed follow-up plan
5) Course correct when needed
6) Be consistent
7) Be involved
8) Assume nothing
9) Recognize performance
10) If success doesn't come, refer to step #1

An example of what this might look like:
1) You know you need a virtual assistant to help you with basic admin tasks, you have a budget and it is the right time to onboard help.
2) Clearly explain what needs to be done and what is expected, enter tasks in a project management system such as ClickUp or Asana, so there is a clear understanding of expectations.
3) Make sure to explain the importance of attention to detail and other things that are important to you. If things are not done properly or if there are issues, you will discontinue your work together.
Steps 4-8 are used as needed, 9 is MOST important.

Tell people what they are doing well! Guess what chances are they will do more of it. People are not motivated by you telling them what they are doing wrong all the time.

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