Tech Talk! Featuring Angela Hall, CEO of That Helpful Chick

angelahall entrepreneur smallbusiness tech thehelpfulchick Jan 09, 2023

This week, on my podcast “Entrepreneur Rescue Mission”, I interviewed Angela Hall, CEO of That Helpful Chick.

Angela Hall is the CEO of That Helpful Chick, a Virtual Assistant and Technology Services Company. She and her team of techies love serving established entrepreneurs and small businesses with website design, updates, CRMs, automation, funnels, marketing and more.

Angela has been published in Funnel Magazine and is a co-author in an anthology book. She has spoken for the International Speaker Network and various podcasts on business; plus she's the creator of the Virtual Business Technology Training where members receive targeted tech training monthly.

Angela and her team use practical and pragmatic approaches to solving their customers' challenges for maximum efficiency and profit. She has a passion for discovering and mastering new software, she always has the latest and greatest tools and resources.

If you’d like to check out the episode and here Angela’s tech stack recommendations, click here:

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