Stop Knowledge Cramming and Start Implementing

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Listen, I get it. As entrepreneurs, we want to soak up every bit of free advice and "secrets of success" that we can. We are constantly shown ad after ad on social media for a course that promises you that it will be the solution for all your hopes and dreams.

So many people are buying these courses and downloading the freebies and attending the workshops (trust me I’ve been there)…. but all this means NOTHING if you do not actually take time to implement the things you learn.

Eventually, we've gotta roll up our sleeves and take action if we really want to build something amazing. Here are a few tips to help you get off the hamster wheel:

1 Get Selective About What Knowledge You Take In.

Does that podcast actually help me achieve my goals or just distract me into analysis-paralysis? Do I really need to cram yet another course promising the keys to startup success? Take a look at the knowledge you are consuming and make sure to get rid of the “filler” content that is not supporting your business growth.

You don’t need to digest every piece of info that comes your way. Be picky. Find a few key peeps, tools, or resources that really speak to your goals and stick with them. Imagine having a newsfeed that keeps you up to date with industry updates and helps you move your business forward? It can be a game changer.

2 Quarterly Game Plans.

What helps me is thinking in 90-day business sprints. Every quarter ask: What do I want to achieve in the next 3 months? How can I build momentum towards that goal? My learning follows accordingly. This keeps things focused and digestible versus trying to learn “all the things”.

3 The Learning Trap…. Don’t Fall In.

Courses, workshops, seminars…..oh my! They’re tempting, but you’ve got to resist signing up for everything. Focus on what you really need to learn right now. It’s about quality, not quantity.

4 Say No to Resistance.

Resistance is that sneaky feeling that keeps you from doing the stuff you know you should be doing. It’s the enemy of action. Recognize it, give it a nod, and then do your thing anyway. Don’t let the fear of not knowing everything stop you from doing anything. You don’t need to know EVERYTHING.

5 Keep It Simple.

Content creation is a fantastic way to put your knowledge to work. But keep it simple. You don’t need to be the next Spielberg. Just share what you know, keep it authentic, and show up. Feeling like you have to know everything, will just hold you back and keep you in inaction.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it. The entrepreneurial path is cluttered with information overload, but you’ve got the power to choose how you navigate it.

Long story short, let's worry less about stuffing more knowledge in our heads and be all about applying what we've already got into creative impact. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready stop "learning" and start doing. You can start to implement by setting aside at least 3 strategic hours each week to apply what you have learned. Take a look at your calendar and see where you can block out those hours, this week (and the next 3 months!!).

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