My (Nancy's) Theories

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My (Nancy's) Theories

As I get older, I find myself consistently coming up with methods, equations, or theories around things. Being silly and creative, I of course have always named them and I wanted to share them with you :-)

Theory 1: The Eminem Theory

*Where it applies: When you are getting out there as a business owner and you are selling services. 

*What is it?: Think of anything the competition, trolls, or potential clients could potentially say to not hire you. Build your brick house of case studies, client testimonials, and present the answers to the their challenges in your pitch.

Theory 2: The Grinch Theory

*Where it applies: In life, most grumpy people can be cheered up by experiencing altruism. Giving without the expectation of receiving. 

Method: The Chubby Goldfish Method

Where it applies: It's a method when putting together a package/service, gift basket, or care package. 

What is it?: First you select a foundation (a basket), then you select filler, then you select key items to fill your basket/service/package.

Method: Tamagotchi Method

Where it applies: When you are frustrated about doing something or it's taking way too long, use this method to get into gear.

What is It?: You just have to get things done, so kick it up into 5th gear and throw your energy and focus into it!


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