How to Create Your Weekly Entrepreneur Schedule

busy commitments focus organized priorities schedule Nov 07, 2022

A question I get often from new entrepreneurs is what should I be doing each day in my business?

When you become your own boss and responsible for many (all) aspects of your business, it is very important to sit down and map out a CEO schedule. I approach this process, just as if you were getting ready to hire a team and outsource all the things you need to get done. You need to first know what needs to get done :-)

1. To do this, let’s first discuss the 3 core functions of every single business, big and small:

- Operations
- Sales/Marketing
- Financial

There are many different activities within each function, but when you are starting out you need to prioritize your time appropriately.

2. Now let’s take a look at your schedule:

How many hours do you have available to work each day?

What days are you able to work?

3. Let’s now look at what needs to get done in your business. As you are just getting started it’s important that you prioritize tasks that will help you start earning income. If you do not have a product or service to sell, make sure you create the product and set everything up, so if someone is ready to hire you, they can. Next you want to always make sure you are generating leads for your business. If you have not done so already, make sure to create a marketing strategy (what will you be doing to get your services/products out there).

Here are some money making tasks, that should be part of your routine:


*Follow Up with Leads (engage on social media and messaging)

*Engage in Your Groups

*Manage Facebook Groups

*Booking Sales Calls

*Following Up with Prospects

*Doing Lives/Videos, Posting Content and Promoting Email List Growth

*Insert activities from your Marketing Strategy (ie: PR, interviewing on podcasts, paid ads, etc)

Make sure to set aside some time for **Operations: Admin:**

*Check Emails

*Client Follow up, onboarding

*Content Creation and Scheduling

*Repurpose Content

*Write Emails/Newsletters

*Industry Research

**Operations: Project Management**

*Creating Products

*Setting Up Tech

*Setting up Funnels, Automation, etc.


**Operations: Client Work**

*Working on Client Projects/Work

*Delivering Products/Services

*Client Calls


*Weekly/Monthly Financial Review (Quick Books/Metrics)

*Creating Invoices, Billing Clients

*Manage Expenses

*Process Cancellations and Refunds

*Follow Up with Non-Payments

4. Map Out Your Weekly Schedule. I am able to have the flexibility to have one day as my CEO schedule, this may not be the case as you are starting out or working part time. I also have the flexibility to take off 2 days during the week, this is because I set up a lot of the foundations in my business already and hired support to help.

Here is an example of what my schedule looks like:

On Mondays, my CEO day I map out all the things I need to get done IN my business. I focus on the projects that need to get done, the sales funnels and products that need to be created, the training that needs to get done and I work on those. I also schedule my weekly team meeting on this day, so I am able to meet and touch base with my team routinely. I also have time blocked out to write my blog posts and shoot videos and content for the upcoming week. I always allot time to: check emails, follow up with support needed, engage on social.

On Tuesdays, I have time blocked out for Operations, time blocked out for Client workload, and time blocked out for sales/marketing (such as following my marketing strategy- engaging on social, posting stories, booking calls, interviewing on podcasts, lives, etc)

On Wednesdays, I currently take off. I do occasionally work on some things as needed. *I do leave time open if a sales call is booked.

On Thursdays, I block out my whole day for trainings and client workload. This is the day we do all our group coaching trainings and 1:1 sessions.

On Fridays, I currently take off and occasionally do work as needed. *I do leave time open if a sales call is booked.

*Important to note: my team is creating content from my blog for the following week and scheduling out all my content for the upcoming week. Content is going out every single day. My team is managing my support inbox.

Now think about your schedule and what needs to get done. Break down your week:






5. Time Block using your electronic calendar- I love and use Google Calendar. It syncs with my appointment scheduling app calendly and I have also synced it with my apple ical. Map out general things that need to get done. Don’t be overly specific on your calendar unless, there are specific tasks that need to get done that day (ie: Create Press Release for xyz). Otherwise you can block out times for Admin Work (ie: checking emails/support for 15 mins a couple times through out the day), block out times for marketing routines, etc.- *Make sure to mark “busy” or “free” based on what you are doing. For example if you want to protect the time and ensure no one books a call, mark the event in your calendar as “busy” and it will block out that time so no one can schedule a meeting then.

*Another tool besides Google Calendar that I like to use for this is:

-Trello- to brain storm and map out specifics of what you need to get done each week. You can create and map out a CEO Schedule routine and brain dump all the things that need to get done in your business each week.


Hope these tips help! I know it can seem a little scary as you are getting started and growing, but once you form the foundations and get going, you will start to make the momentum. If you’d like to learn more, visit:‌

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