Growing an Audience Requires Patience and Each Person Counts

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Growing an Audience Requires Patience and Each Person Counts.

I remember when I was in high school, during study hall I would sneak away into the auditorium and play the old grand piano that was in there. I would look out and see hundreds of seats with no one in them.

It felt so freeing, calming, and powerful to play loudly and bang on those keys for myself

But I would be lying if I didn’t say that I loved it when a teacher would peak in and clap every once in a while (the teachers lounge was behind the stage). 

I was there… by myself, playing music so loudly in a building where only a couple people (within earshot could hear).

And….. so often in business, I see people frustrated that they don’t instantly have hundreds of followers and people wanting to buy everything they are trying to sell right out of the gate… when only a couple people are seeing their content…. Just like me playing piano loudly within earshot of only a few people.

They forget the most important thing and that is the stuff in the middle (the consistency, providing value to your audience….showing up and building your audience individually).

Let’s put it this way…

Imagine you are in an auditorium…. And you start showing up and sharing value. 

Day 1: no one is there. 

Day 2: someone hears you from the hall… 

Day 3: someone comes in and joins you.. 

Day 4: they invite another.. 

Day 5: rinse and repeat…..

It might feel slow at times, but everything takes time. If you are providing value and showing up consistently you WILL grow your audience. 

Even the owner of Business Chicks, Emma Isaacs said that it was a “slow build” to grow their audience to over 500k. “It was not one thing” that got them there, it was showing up many times over a long period of time. 

Each person counts. 

Each person is a life that is being affected by you and what you are saying…. 

And I love it how @brodsimages (on IG) put it: “IF you have 25 views, you filled up a classroom. If you have 150-300 views, you filled up a movie theatre. If you have 500+ views you filled up an auditorium. NEVER stop creating. People are watching. One person turns into hundreds. Hundreds turn into thousands.”

Don’t stop believing…. Okay I’m not going to break into a Journey song, but it’s important you know that what you are doing is resonating with someone…. And if you do it consistently and you really focus on providing value you will grow your tribe. 

It takes time… but it is so worth it. Stay focused. Stay consistent. You got this!

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