For Real Reals: Benefits of Having a Facebook Business Page

#branding business page business strategist entrepreneur entrepreneurship facebook get started marketing agency negative positive small business strategist Nov 25, 2019
For Real Reals: Benefits of Having a Facebook Business Page


1) Facebook frowns upon doing "businessy" type stuff on your personal page. They could even shut you down if they wanted to.

2) Build up custom-cool audiences in your business page, you can boost popular posts to reach more of your audience.

3) You can link it to your website and contact page, plus you look more professional.

4) Every time you post/upload video.... anyone who views it, you can retarget them with a Facebook Ad.


1) When starting your will NOT get as much engagement and it can be a SloWwWw build, but patience is key!

2) Invite your followers over to your business page and stay consistent, post quality content and videos and you will grow!

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