Find Your Niche. a poem... by an entrepreneur.

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Find Your Niche. a poem... by an entrepreneur.

Find your niche. They told me so loud!

But I couldn’t choose… from the limitless crowds.

So much to do, so much potential you see.

I have so much inside… waiting to burst from me.

As the year has progressed, I’m starting to see.

What they were trying to tell just little old me. 

I’ve spun tires and burnt out, over and over again.

Okay okay… you win… I should have just listened then.

I will choose a niche, a single focus.. it’s time.

My energy will be dispersed more.. now in a straight line. 

I will help others grow and build businesses right, 

I will be the expert and stay focused okay! and alright! 

I will stay in tuned with what it is that I know,

Each day I’ll stay strong and continue to grow.

Stop getting side tracked, stay focused on this, 

I think by know, you're starting to get the right gist.


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