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byobagency entrepreneurlife marketing plan planning strategy Nov 21, 2022

Smart business owners know that planning is key to higher profits. Many entrepreneurs have a vision for their business, but don't know how to create a long-term plan. Having a plan helps you assign tasks, create complementary products, and leave room for last minute offers.

In this article I am breaking down what Scott (my husband) and I do, when we plan out the year ahead! My favorite month to do this, is November. Why? Because there are lots of things going on with the holidays in November and December, so rather than launching or selling, they are perfect months for “planning” for the year ahead.

So let’s stop flying by the “seat of your pants” and create a marketing plan! I like to map this out in a google sheet. I have a tab for year prior recap, a tab for upcoming year goals and a tab mapping out marketing/launch dates.

**Step 1: Review Your Numbers from Last Year.**
Before you look to the year ahead, you need to reflect on where you’ve been this year. Take a look at overall sales, sales figures (by product), traffic numbers, social media growth, email list subscribers, affiliate sales and anything else you want to measure. I like to add a column next to the numbers that says “what went well”, next a column for “what needs work”, next a column for “what to stop”. I fill in our numbers and reflections and add in notes for upcoming year plans.

**Step 2: Set Your Goals.**
Make them SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Based. Set goals for overall sales, sales figures (by product), traffic numbers, social media growth, email list subscribers, affiliate sales and anything else you want to measure for the upcoming year.

**Step 3: Map Out Holidays and Events**

Now you can grab a yearly calendar (for the upcoming year) or simply grab 12 sheets of paper. Start adding notes to each month, what holidays or events are happening that month, is there anything that we need to plan for from a marketing perspective for certain months (ie: Accountant, make sure to plan for tax prep time).

**Step 4: Plan Your Products/Programs and Marketing Focuses**

Now start to fill in your calendar months with your marketing focuses for each month. You don’t want to be promoting ALL your things ALL the time, that just creates confusion. Map out 4 “A” Level Launches, I recommend mapping out one per quarter. An “A” Level Launch, is when you put all your time, energy and effort into promoting a specific program/product such as your signature program. Then map out your “B” level launches, these are complimentary programs and services in between your “A” Level launches, such as marketing your book, growing your podcast, promoting your lead magnet to grow your email list, low ticket products/services, one on one VIP days, etc.-

Now that you have your yearly plan mapped out and you have a vision and goals for the year ahead. You can dive in further, by planning out your weeks and daily activities to help you achieve those goals :-)

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