Building an Intentional, Quality Network on LinkedIn

linkedin networking relationshipmarketing socialselling Jan 08, 2024

On this week’s podcast, we talked about best practices for leveraging LinkedIn to build your professional community in today's evolving landscape. As a marketing consultant who has used social media to grow my own business, I shared valuable insights alongside industry expert Scott Aaron.

We discussed LinkedIn's transformation into a robust collaboration and networking platform, moving far beyond a simple resume database. With business conducted increasingly online, a thoughtful digital networking strategy is now crucial for success.

A common mistake is trying to connect with everyone without a clear goal in mind. I emphasized the importance of being intentional about who you target. Are you looking to reach potential clients, form win-win partnerships with allied professionals, or boost your industry visibility? Your outreach approach can vary based on these objectives.

Scott stressed that the value of your network directly impacts your business or career advancement. Yet high connection counts alone don't cut it anymore. In the past, wide nets with spam outreach may have worked. We debunked this outdated quantity over quality mindset.

Today, curating and nurturing meaningful relationships trumps vanity metrics. The focus should be on mutual benefit, shared interests, and ongoing conversation. This selective two-way engagement breeds trust and opportunities.

As professionals and industries evolve, reevaluating whether your connections still serve your goals is also wise. This relationship "spring cleaning" lets you redirect attention to ideal clients and potential collaborators that better fit your current trajectory.

Whether an entrepreneur or job seeker, remember that your profile is often the first touchpoint for new contacts. Ensure it clearly communicates your value. I concluded by emphasizing how a thoughtful presence can unlock networking possibilities that profoundly impact your success.

Scott and I would love to dive deeper on optimizing your approach in our upcoming "Amateur to Expert" LinkedIn Workshop.

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