Behind the Scenes: The Entrepreneurial Program That Took Me 9 Years to Create, Designed to Help Build Strong Business Foundations

building business foundations entrepreneur mindset online business tips May 22, 2023

When you're inside your business trying to figure things out, things can seem super complicated. But when you pull back and look at your business (and all businesses for that matter), it’s rather simple.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is… there are 3 cornerstones of every successful business.

They are:

  • Operations

  • Sales/Marketing

  • Financial

When building out the foundations of your business, it all starts by focusing on what needs to get done in each of these areas. For someone like me (very analytical and loves to organize information) I love the idea of having these three functions as umbrellas over the processes and systems that need to be created within my business.

I have spent the last 9 years devoted to learning and figuring out how to run an online business effectively. Streamlined, high margin, and low stress. Within each layer of building out our business foundations, I have uncovered the processes and tools that work.

Year after year, after seeing so many other business owners struggling and quite honestly asking the same questions…. I set out to create a solution, that would not only be effective, it would be tangible, actionable, quickly implementable, and…. fun!

So, I created the program I wished I’d always had.

It all started with mapping out foundational essentials of every business. From project management, to document organization, creating a delivering offers, putting together a sales funnel, generating leads, managing financials, and hiring a team and mapping out your standard operating procedures to scale.

I broke down the basics all businesses need when building out the foundations…. but I didn’t just do this. I set out to make this program completely tangible, so that you could build these pieces out in your business in less than 48 hours. I added templates, resources and tools to help speed up the process and I even gamified it (yes you can earn experience points and unlock bonuses as you do it).

This program has been my focus for a loooooooong time and I am truly proud of all the work that went into it.

Last year, we launched it as a beta program (goal was to get 10 people to test it) and we welcomed 30 founding members. We've invited our 30 members to come back along for the ride with us for another year and we're opening the doors officially, this Thursday to our “Expert Foundations Program”.

This program is built with the core values of: collaboration, transparency and tangible action. Because of that, it is an ever-evolving and up-leveling program. We use the feedback of our members to continually improve and we are committed to providing you real solutions and tangible tools you can implement in your business (rather than just giving you high level “fluff” of what needs to be done).

I know your time is valuable. I know you want to build a business you love. That’s my why.

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