Getting Clear on Social Media

#personalbrand #socialmedia #socialstrategy #marketing #clarity Oct 12, 2021

“What social media platform should I be using?” - lots of people

Let’s talk about social media platforms. Many people ask what social media platform they should be using. The first answer is, you should be using the platform where your audience is. The second answer is, what are your goals?

Over the next few weeks, I am going to break down each platform and share some statistics and information. I want you to understand that it is important (especially when getting started) to focus on ONE platform consistently and building momentum from there. The other thing I want to share with you is, there are many ways to repurpose content and simply share to multiple platforms, however, we must choose one to lead with. The one platform where you will spend the time to not only post content but also to ENGAGE.

I love this quote by personal brand expert, Brittany Krystle “If you are not growing, you are not engaging”. You absolutely need to be consistent with posting content, however, you need to marry that with engaging and connecting authentically with others. People are not just going to check out your content and reach out to you. That is not how it works and if you are actively focused on generating leads and growing your audience you need to do both. Plain and simple.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be providing tips for social media, to help you build your personal brand online. We will focus on the following platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. Many of the tips provided can also be applied to other platforms as well.

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