3 Tips to Help When You are Feeling Overwhelmed

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3 Tips to Help When You are Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you ever feel like you can’t breath or you just have soo much on your plate, you don’t know how you’ll ever get caught up? You suddenly feel responsibility for ALL things, ALL people, and you can’t let go? 

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve spent many days, spinning in circles or even frozen in overwhelm with the thought of what needed to be done. 

One thing that I found to help…. As simple as it sounds, is to go for a walk (or a jog if you are able to). Clear your racing mind and take time to get outside into nature (an indoor treadmill is fine, but outdoors is best).

To do this, first plan this walk/jog into your schedule. I chose to create this as a morning routine, a time for myself to really clear my mind and reflect on the beauty around me. 

Second, when you go for your walk, do not look at your electronic devices! No social media, no music, just you and nature. 

Thirdly, make it a point, almost like a scavenger hunt to find things on your walk. A beautiful flower, a bird, something that is your favorite color… a bug.

Make it a point to be in a moment of gratitude and clarity. Nature is grounding and can help calm that drunken monkey, we call our brain. 

I prescribe this 3-4 times a week. Enjoy and let me know what you find on your next walk ;-)

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