Authenticity is my highest held value when it comes to online business.

For years, I’d worked behind the scenes with multiple high level coaches and every time I would peel back the curtain and peek inside their businesses, it was clear. They ALL had the same issue in common: 

Getting a clear message out to their ideal audience while being authentic and confident to keep showing up, consistently.

Content creation process is necessary to grow. I believe your branding is a reputation you can control, through the right marketing so we help you take the overwhelming tasks off your plate and get right to the good stuff FOR you. 



 Most people don’t know that I grew up on a farm, hanging out with all the animals - cows and ducks - in Mannington, New Jersey. Yep, right near CowTown.

My entire life, I’ve loved learning to play instruments (yet not quite a master of any) including the violin, piano, guitar and my new tongue drum. Yes, you read that right. Tongue drum. (Google it!) I attended Shippensburg College where I played Rugby and majored in Marketing…. And was the first to graduate from college in my family.

 After college, I worked for multiple fortune 50 and 500 companies, leading executives and teams. I loved managing teams and processes to help these major corporations grow.

You’re probably getting the picture that I’m an overachiever. I take things seriously, especially my work. 

Which is part of what led to an early-mid life crisis in 2016. I lost a lot of people who were close to me (life is so short). Grieving took a toll on me, along with long hours at work, I had to stop everything and take a break.

And on this break, I had an epiphany. 

I had been given clarity around the brevity of life and decided then and there that to create a life with more space to spend with the people I love and especially for myself. A life of freedom to share my values with others. 

To be who I want. Go where I want. When I want.

I quit my job and became a willing entrepreneur, starting a business and working hard to scale. It took a little longer than I expected…

It was in that low spot that I met someone who ended up changing my entire viewpoint on entrepreneurship. A friend who took me under his wing and became my mentor, teaching me that the journey and the process is the entire point. That’s where the growth comes from and the joy, too. 



Not long after, I met the man of my dreams (and my amazing husband), Scott. He was an online entrepreneur himself, something I had no experience with. It truly fascinated me. As we began dating, we also began marketing for businesses together. I fell in love with Scott and my life all at the same time, proud to be building a brand with my marketing experience.

Together, we’ve invested $1,000s and learned from the top mentors in the online marketing community, especially those who also believe in authentically attracting your perfect clients, in an ethical way.

That’s when BYOB Agency was born, to help entrepreneurs harness the power of a full scale reach that comes with authentic, organic digital marketing. We help build and grow online businesses and we couldn’t be prouder of our story.