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The Personal Branding 

for Professionals on Social Media


The Personal Branding Blueprint 

5- Day Masterclass for High-Level Coaches and Professionals


Starting April 22nd, 2024. Register below!

With LinkedIn Expert (and best-selling author) Scott Aaron and Personal Brand Expert Nancy Evans.


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Never again ask yourself “What should I be doing on social media to set myself apart as an expert?” 

Learn our simple framework for intentionally crafting your personal brand, so you can:

→ Establish Your Credibility

→ Land More Clients

→ Set Yourself Apart Online

Starting April 22nd, Register below!

With husband and wife expert team Scott Aaron and Nancy Evans

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Building a strong “brand” is the key to massive success for your business. 

In our 5-Day Blueprint program, you will learn how to:

Construct the Core Elements of Your Personal Brand
Build the Routines to Maintain a Strong Online Presence
Strategically Promote Yourself
to Others
Grow Your Network with Qualified Leads

Authentically Promote Yourself Confidently

Sign Up For The Personal Branding Blueprint 5-Day Workshop

Build the personal brand online that you have always dreamed about! 

This is for you if you’re running a successful business and know the power social media has to attract more clients… but you need a blueprint to simplify the process and amplify your results.

Join us for the 5-Day Personal Branding Masterclass for Professionals

Workshop Details

April 22- 27th 2023

MEET Scott Aaron, Best-Selling Author

Scott Aaron is known as THE HUMAN CONNECTION EXPERT, helping elite business owners become game changers in their field using LinkedIn and achieve significant breakthroughs in their business. 

Scott has owned and operated multiple 7-figure businesses, has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Forbes and Authority Magazine. He also currently trains and teaches for some of the largest financial firms in the world. 

As a multiple best-selling author, top podcaster and international speaker, Expert Authority combines Scott's LinkedIn strategies with the speed and agility of the most powerful online strategies of today. 

MEET Nancy Evans, Personal Branding Expert

Drawing from years of experience, leading teams at multiple Fortune 500 companies, then starting her own journey as an entrepreneur (starting multiple businesses), Nancy has built a reputation for creating streamlined systems and organization when it comes to creating content and marketing online.

She has a proven ability to think outside the box, yet streamline complex situations into simple, positive experiences! Her passion is helping others grow their businesses and brands.

Nancy is a member of the National Association of Professional Women. She has won multiple leadership awards, FB Ads Expert, Business Consultant and Social Media Marketer. Nancy combines these skills to provide organization and streamlined tactics when it comes to building your personal brand.

Together we are committed to helping you grow your personal brand and business.

"We have helped thousands of clients achieve success in their businesses through our programs. 

Several years ago, Scott and I started really focusing on what it takes to really brand yourself online. This led him to writing and publishing multiple books, starting a podcast and really focusing on growing an amazing network of clients, leads and collaborators using LinkedIn. 

Along the way we developed a system to help others create their (what I call) "Brick House of Credibility." Making it a no-brainer for clients to see you as an expert and solution to their needs.

We created this program, so you can do the same and we will teach you exactly what you need to do just as we have."

-Nancy Evans-Aaron

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5 Day Masterclass: 4/22/2024- 4/27/2024









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