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The Expert Authority Program


Become a standout expert in your space and create a personal brand that sets you apart in your industry.



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to the ONLY personal branding program that teaches you how to properly optimize and monetize LinkedIn, all while launching and releasing a podcast and self-published book.

By the co-founders of BYOB Agency and LinkedIn Leads for Life.

Does this sound like you?

  • A Service-Based Business Owner who’s spent several tough years trying to build their business online & you can’t quite put the pieces together
  • An Online Coach or Professional Struggling to Use Digital Marketing to Grow  
  • A High-Powered Executive who’s ready to step out on their own and is willing to invest to “skip the line” and grow their personal brand
  • A True Consummate Expert in Your Field who is ready to build their brick house of credibility and set themselves apart

If so, then this may also be true....

  • You aren't sure how to create your personal brand 
  • You aren't clear on your messaging 
  • You don't know what content you should be creating consistently
  • You aren't sure what else you can do to set yourself apart from so many others in your industry.
  • When it comes to generating new leads on social media, you are lost and overwhelmed.
  • You've always wanted to launch a podcast and write a book, but you don't now where to start.
  • You’re not getting the support you need with other courses, coaches, and masterminds. When you invest, you feel like a credit card number instead of a valued partner. Once you’ve paid, they leave you with videos, worksheets and a sense that you’re still “on your own.” 

You know you haven't hit your highest potential but it feels as though it's right around the corner...


Rachelle J.

"Very few times in my life have I come across someone or some thing that has changed my life so profoundly. Scott Aaron and the Expert Authority Mastermind class have done just that. 

Prior to my involvement with Scott I was spinning my wheels in every direction possible, trying to get a business off the ground. However, Since joining his leadership and coaching in March I have not only been able to launch a business, but have paying reputable clients, a full scale website complete with a marketing campaign and funnels!"

Ready to have access to the #1 Personal Branding Education, giving you all the tools and resources you need to become the expert authority in your space?

We are a team of experts who teach service-based business owners and high-level executives to think + act like thought leaders - with all the training you need - in one place - to sky rocket your personal brand and business. Finally write your book and start your podcast and stay on track with the goals you set this year.


Expert Authority

Exclusive 12 Month Coaching Program

 is the ONLY comprehensive program for service-based entrepreneurs and high-level executives looking to set themselves apart in their industry, by writing a book, starting a podcast and growing their network using a patented and proven online strategy. 

Here is what you really need (that no one is teaching you) to ignite your personal brand:


  • You need the right personal branding strategy that's simple and effective, so you can step into your role as the visionary leader of your business and stop wasting your energy on a million disjointed tactics.
  • You need the tools and guidance from those who have actually done what you are looking to achieve. In this program you are learning the exact steps you need to take, to do what we have already done.
  • You need 360 degree support and accountability- where you can talk to a human when you need guidance, motivation, support and direction. We're different from every other program out there, because the foundation of our program is world-class accountability to get you to the finish line. This is even more critical as businesses pivot for profit in a rapidly changing market.


Your Investment

Expert Authority Exclusive Coaching Program

Twelve Monthly Payments


*$2,000 down, then 12 payments of $750

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Introducing EXPERT AUTHORITY the Ultimate, All-in-One Personal Branding Education Program, Where Service-Based Business Owners and High Level Executives, Step Into Becoming a Thought Leader & Expert Authority in their Industry or Field.


The Expert Authority Program is designed to take your business and brand to "authority" status fast. 


How Would This Change Your Life?

Your Investment

Expert Authority Exclusive Coaching Program

Twelve Monthly Payments


*$2,000 down, then 12 payments of $750

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Scott Aaron is known as THE HUMAN CONNECTION EXPERT, helping elite business owners become game changers in their field using LinkedIn and achieve significant breakthroughs in their business. 

Scott has owned and operated multiple 7-figure businesses, has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Forbes and Authority Magazine. He also currently trains and teaches for some of the largest financial firms in the world. 

As a multiple best-selling author, top podcaster and international speaker, Expert Authority combines Scott's LinkedIn strategies with the speed and agility of the most powerful online strategies of today. 


Drawing from years of experience, leading teams at multiple Fortune 500 companies, then starting her own journey as an entrepreneur (starting multiple businesses), Nancy has built a reputation for creating streamlined systems and organization when it comes to creating content and marketing online.

She has worked behind to scenes for many high-level coaches and entrepreneurs and knows what it takes to be successful. She has a proven ability to think outside the box, yet streamline complex situations into simple, positive experiences! Her passion is helping others grow their businesses and brands.

Nancy is a member of the National Association of Professional Women. She has won multiple leadership awards and has experience as a Business Consultant and Social Media Marketer. Expert Authority combines these skills to provide organization and streamlined tactics when it comes to building your personal brand.

Together we are committed to helping you grow your personal brand and business. 


"We have helped thousands of clients achieve success in their businesses through our programs. EXPERT AUTHORITY combines both of our zones of genius and shows you behind the scenes of exactly how to set yourself apart as an expert in your industry.

Several years ago, Scott and I started really focusing on what it takes to really brand yourself online. This led him to writing and publishing multiple books, starting a podcast and really focusing on growing an amazing network of clients, leads and collaborators using LinkedIn. 

Along the way we developed a system to help others create their (what I call) "Brick House of Credibility". Making it a no-brainer for clients to see you as an expert and solution to their needs.

We created this program, so you can do the same and we will teach you exactly what you need to do just as we have."

-Nancy Evans-Aaron


When you have experts that have done what you are looking to do, you'll be able to......

  • Skip all the "fluff" and get down to actionable steps to achieve success.
  • Save money, by not hiring multiple "gurus" who are charging too much and delivering too little.
  • Have the support system and accountability you know you need throughout this process.
  • Have clarity and a simple structure to get to the finish line (publishing your book, starting your podcast and finding new leads daily on LinkedIn)
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Jeremiah Campbell

"Using LinkedIn and Scott's program helped me close the largest contract in my companies 15 year history, which was close to $300,000"

“Do not let another year go by....

This program is exclusive and there will be a in price increase each time we open the doors (the value we are giving is epic!) ● If you change nothing, nothing will ever change in your business ● Don't miss an opportunity to work with two experts who know exactly how to deliver what you are missing ● No more "getting ready, to get ready" ● Have the advantage that others in your space wish they had ● Waiting to change your life and business will always have you sitting at the starting line ● How much longer are you going to wait to share your gift with the world?


● Weekly Group Coaching Calls

● Consistent support

● Joining a community of like minded people that support you

● Videos, modules, classes 

● Strategic plan for your business

● Quarterly goal statuses (to keep you on track of your goals)

● Free access to bonuses

● Private Facebook group access

● Monthly Book Club

● Weekly Mindset Monday call to kick off each week!


How Would This Change Your Life?

Raquel Quinet

"I struck gold with Nancy, not only does she help me get all the pieces together with my marketing and branding, she gives you nuggets beyond and is such a wealth of knowledge and teaches you how you can systematize different things in your business"

Frequently Asked Questions

Why now is the time.


● This program is exclusive and there will be a in price increase each time we open the doors (the value we are giving is epic!) 

● If you change nothing, nothing will ever change in your business 

● Don't miss an opportunity to work with two experts who know exactly how to deliver what you are missing 

● No more "getting ready, to get ready" 

● Have the advantage that others in your space wish they had 

● Waiting to change your life and business will always have you sitting at the starting line 

● How much longer are you going to wait to share your gift with the world?

Kate Jaramillo

"Working with Nancy has been the best thing for my business. Consistency with showing up on social media, is my achilles heal and as a busy mom and business owner I struggled. After working with Nancy I have a simple system and structure to help me publish beautiful content everyday without added stress and overwhelm".

Your Investment

Expert Authority Exclusive Coaching Program

Twelve Monthly Payments


*$2,000 down, then 12 payments of $750

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